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Animal House Fitness 2023

Updated: May 13, 2023

Welcome to the site.

Appreciate y'all!

It's been active for quite a few years but I'm gonna finally take the leap and start trying to be a bit more active and resourceful here.

For those that don't know me personally, my name is Adam Wright. I started Animal House Fitness in 2016 in Riverside, CA. Off a whim and an idea we brought this performance center to fruition in the heart of downtown in a structure that was built in 1897, The Barn, as it was known. Pretty unique little gem of a place that held a special energy and let me tell y'all we put lots of work down in this place and it serves as the cornerstone to all that Animal House Fitness has amassed to in 2023.

As I sit here and reflect on where this journey has brought me I'm thankful to each and every individual that ever put their trust in me and allowed me to guide ya along the journey.

In an attempt to create a common space of vulnerability I'd like to ask those of you following along what type of resources would be helpful to find in this space?

Share below and I look forward to building this community in the digital sphere.


What's Useful?

  • Training

  • Nutrition

  • Recovery

  • Movement Breakdown

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