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Summer Youth Program 2023

Youth Summer Program

The primary goal of summer performance training is to help athletes build strength, increase endurance, and improve their agility and speed. Our program is designed to be intensive, with a focus on challenging the athlete both physically and mentally.

The first step in a summer performance training program is to assess the athlete's current level of fitness.  We will use McLloyd GPS to track the athlete's speed, Output to monitor jump height and reactivity, timing drills to demonstrate agility. 

Based on the results of these assessments, a personalized training program is created that is tailored to the athlete's strengths and weaknesses. The training program may include a combination of strength training movements, and agility drills, as well as sports-specific drills and technical skill-building patterns.

Throughout the summer performance training program, the athlete's progress is regularly monitored and adjustments are made to the training program as needed. This ensures that the athlete continues to make progress and achieves their goals.

Overall, summer performance training is a challenging and intensive training program that is designed to help athletes improve their skills, build strength and confidence, and maintain their fitness levels during the off-season. Book below so your athlete can make significant improvements in their athletic performance and achieve their goals! 

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Pick any day between May 22nd and May 25th to come in for your baseline metrics.  

Sprint Speed with GPS

Jump Height with Output

Reactivity with Output

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